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Two posts in one day….what is the world coming to?

Want to share the photos of the lovely knit sweater coat that my sister Betty and I saw yesterday. We had just come from seeing Jersey Boys at the Curran Theatre and we were wining and dining at Lefty O’Doul’s on Geary Street. As a woman walked by our table we couldn’t help but notice her sweater coat. We had a chance to talk with her and snap a photo.

“No”, she says…..”I didn’t make it. My grandmother was from Czechoslovakia…she was a great knitter and crocheter…and she was a great cook. I learned to cook but didn’t learn to knit!”

This young woman was most generous and let me snap a couple of shots to share with you before she rejoined her friends/family for the evening performance of the Jersey Boys.

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Susanne and her gift of love - Moderne Blanket for her son and wife!

Susanne and her gift of love – Moderne Blanket for her son and wife!

As some of us approach the end of our projects we find ourselves singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall. This all started with Susanne’s Moderne Adult Afghan.  This has been an ongoing project for a little more than a year….she has knit many other things and then comes back to afghan when she needs a “garter stitch fix. ” She is on the last stretch of 99 rows ….I think last report was that she had 49 more rows to go.


The O’Dolan Wrap design by MaggiKnits

Now I am nearing the end of a recently started project and find myself humming the refrain of 99 bottles….. My project is another MaggiKnit’s caplet/stole (the kit can be ordered through Skein Lane Studio). It is made up of 8 pieces that are sewn together and then “topped” with a collar. I am one quarter the way through the 8th piece…..I am thinking it will be on the assembly table soon for the joy of seaming. Debbie has also embarked on this project….and she is on her 4th piece. News flash….Debbie just told me has more done and will share tonight when we join to click our needles and tell tales!

I am having way too much fun with my iPad….what a great tool. I now store my working pattern in iBook…and can easily access my pattern at any time. What I love the best is that I can “blow the pattern up” and get right to the detail.

As with most patterns that I knit….I make change and make it more uniquely “mine”. In this case….lovely as though the  tartan might be it’s just a bit too busy for me….so mine will striped….might add some embroidery. The finally unveiling for our (Susanne, Debbie, and mine) projects will be posted soon.

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Have to share this post from Kimberly of Daily Craftini….the work that she shared “Extreme Paper Quilling” is stunning.

Craftini: My Daily Cocktail of Yarn, Beads and Paper

This was in my inbox this morning, my daily message from a blog I follow called “Honestly, WTF.” It’s a mixed bag of fashion, art and jewelry how-to’s (guess why I subscribe). It features the paper quilling of Yulia Brodskaya. You know what paper quilling is – organizing long strips of 1/4-inch thick paper into picture. Take a look at this woman’s stuff. Then run off to Michael’s and buy a package of quilling paper, or tear up some construction paper. How long do you think it takes to attain this level of skill? She must have eyeballs that see in pixels . . . .

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