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New Year’s Eve….a day and evening of remembering days gone by. This year’s post includes both photos we have seen and those that are new to us. Wishing all a happy new year and all the best in 2015.

Grateful for all the friendships and creativity!

p.s. There may be flashbacks to 2014 in the next month….there are more wonderful creations that need to be posted.

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Years ago….19 to be exact…. while visiting family in Geelong, Australia I bought an Australian themed jersey-type fabric to make a quilt for newly-born nephew Daniel. That material stayed stored in a safe place for the right time….this year I decided I must do something with it. It was a little late for the baby quilt but what about a pillow case? I happen to know that he likes themed things and I thought this idea might be a go (it was). That simple thought was the impetus to create themed pillowcases with French seams for this year’s Christmas gifts.

The first round of pillow cases did not include Daniel’s as I had to get five done and in the mail before Christmas….made it with two days to spare. Four were for my Idaho nieces and nephew. The pillow case for each was the same color with the cuff themes being girly for my nieces and a western theme for my nephew.

My life-long friend Mary (who lives in Colorado) is often on the road and I thought she needed a special case for her well-traveled pillow. She is a Western kind of gal. She is the friend who first “borrowed” the horses that we rode in high school. It was years before I figured  out where she borrowed…and I did get some help from Mary with that!

Alrighty… five done and seven more to go as well as one requested apron (for my niece Honara to use in her RV kitchen when they are camping). Here’s that line up.

I see more pillow cases on the horizon! It’s a lot of fun to “theme” them. While Betsy’s doesn’t look particularly themed, it compliments one I made for her in the spring. I added a lace floral piece to this pillow case.

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Some of you may recall that last September I drove from El Cerrito, CA to Twin Lakes Resort near Bend, OR to attend a family reunion….a personal driving best for me! This wonderful weekend…..really 24 hours plus sleep hours…included several lovely moments. Little did I know that one of those moments would be that I had not only met an extended family member, but a fellow knitter….although I didn’t learn this until we friended on Facebook. Since then I’ve learned that he is one with extraordinary talent. His sister’s FB post reads “Beautiful lace tablecloth made by my brother!”
With Kcirtap’s permission I am sharing his work. He tells me that he used #20 cotton and US size 1 needles to knit this tablecloth designed by Herbert Niebling.
I can hardly wait to meet up with him again next September….yep back to Twin Lakes Resort. We will have a lot to discuss.

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Just the other day I heard from Alison…..a friend from my Skein Lane retail days. She wanted to share what she had knit with her Skein Lane yarn purchases and that she  will be selling at the KPFA Crafts Fair Saturday and Sunday, Dec 20 and 21. I was flattered to have an early look. You can find Alison and her Inner Frou Frou creations in booth 621 presented at Craneway Pavilion. Here’s a preview…..

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There are many blessings of the season and one is  to share the creativity….the latest “showing” today is Karen’s stole. I love the simple, elegant design which is certainly enhanced with her choice of yarns.

Here are the details.

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’tis the season to share….and there is much to share given that there are many postings in the Skein Lane lineup. I asked Jan for some details on what she literally just finished at this past Friday morning knitting group.  Jan says….

  • Pattern: Verybusymonkey (all her stuff can be found on Ravelry, bought via download) – “Irish Moss Shawl.”
  • Fiber:  a Blue Moon (Fiber Arts) yarn that I found at the show in San Mateo – Marine Silk Fingering.  100 grms/3.5 oz/487 yards.  The colorway is Sky Blue Pink, and you really do get a shimmer of pink through the yarn as light reflects from it.
  • Content: 51% silk, 29% merino, and 20% sea cell rayon.
  • Gauge: 28-32 sts per 4 inches on size 1-3 needles.
  • Washing instructions: hand wash or dry clean.


“The pattern version used a 435 yd skein of yarn and therefore my skein of 487 yds should have been sufficient, but it wasn’t.  Most likely my gauge was the culprit.  In any case, the pattern fortunately suggests where to bind off if you’d like the shawl to be shorter n the back or if you’re short on yarn.  I thought it might be obvious that I cut it off 4 rows early, but it’s not. The dark purple shawl that I did before this one is also a Verybusymonkey pattern.  I LOVE her stuff!”

A couple footnotes from Carolyn here: I did take a couple more photos of Jan modeling her beautiful shawl….but they are nowhere to be found….better hire a new photographer. I just checked out the Verybusymonkey site…..on my….there are many beautiful shawl patterns!

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Saturday’s knitting workgroup celebrated the season with a brunch of fruit, baked oatmeal, cheeses, See’s peanut brittle (my favorite) and in the midst of that was another of my favorites – salt and pepper potato chips with Diane’s clam dip. What a mix of flavors and quite tasty with champagne. We ate, we knit and we were treated by Katie to glitter tattoos! We missed PJ, Margot, Carol C and Shari at this celebration!

ps…..the Baked Oatmeal has become a traditional serving….I discovered this recipe several years ago….it tastes great and the vanilla and cinnamon in that dish creates the best aroma while baking.

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The blessings of the season have been on my mind…….and one of the many are the friendships that are shared throughout our knitting groups. Friday morning knitting group aka FMKG celebrated at Skates on the Bay (Berkeley) yesterday….there were 16 of us there (only one was unable to make it….we missed you Rachelle). We shared years of friendship, a meal, drinks of course, and a “gentle” white elephant gift exchange. I was #1 on the exchange…..and I am pleased to report that I love my gift….and the giver was happy that I received it! Look below for some flashbacks to our previous celebrations!

We knit….we celebrate!

Kimberly and Jan knitting!

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A day of remembrance!

My Pearl Harbor post…..5 years ago.

The Fred and Alta Pugh Family - Memoirs by their grandchildren -cousins!

A couple of things made me think of Dad (Louis Pugh) today. Of course, the first would be Pearl Harbor. He was a young man of 18 when he arrived there…7 days after it was bombed. He spent some of his Navy career rebuilding what was destroyed during that WWII bombing. In 1957 when our family was returning from Australia we stopped at Honolulu and Dad showed us….Mom, Betty and me….the entryway to a hotel that he helped to rebuild after the Pearl Harbor bombing…I think it was the tile work on the entryway.

Today we had snow on Mt Diablo and all around the area…now remember that I live in the San Francisco Greater Bay AreaSnow is rare here! This event reminded me of being in the 3rd grade at Buena Vista School in Walnut Creek, Ca…the winter of 1954-55…and Dad came home from a trip…

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Yep….time for a reminder….the blessed rain will have eased and you can pop into this annual event. See you Saturday!

Skein Lane - IN THE LOOP

untitled (4)

Announcing the lovely (now annual) event- Jewelry Boutique featuring Kimberly Ligocki and Janie Rose.

This is a great chance to stay out of the crowds and shop this event for your jewelry gifts. You can visit their Etsy stores – Kimberly’s Craftini and Janie Rose Jewelry to get a sense of the beauty they create. I am a huge fan of their jewelry and several pieces are now in my collection! ♥♥♥

Invite your friends! Join us at 208 Carmel Ave, El Cerrito!

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