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As always…lots to share…and it often feels like so little time…the fingers are busy knitting!

Some of you may recall that it’s been several years since my dad died…and thus several years since I gave Avril, my cousin’s wife, a gift of Collinette yarn for the help that she and Del gave me to during Dad’s illness. While I was flying to Denver recently, knitting the afghan for the recent wedding gift for Bill’s granddaughter, I thought about what I could do for Avril and Del this time. I was going to be their house guest for a week….and they are without a doubt the most generous hosts as well as such good friends. What I could do that would be thankful? I remembered the yarn and wondered whether Avril had knit the sweater that had been featured in Vogue magazine. When I arrived and we were waiting for my luggage, I brooched the topic…”Ive had an ephinany! If you haven’t knit that sweater yet I would like to knit it for you or knit an afghan. No need to answer me now…think about if for a couple days and let me know.”  Well, a few days went by and it was the night before leaving Limon tor the Denver airport to head back to Oakland….so…”Avril have you thought about the yarn?” She had and decided that she would like to have an afghan.

And that fits with another goal – as some of you know niece Betsy graduated from high school recently and she is headed off to Fresno State in just a couple more weeks. Her gift for this milestone in her life…you guessed it – an afghan! And yet another feather and fan pattern. This one is a kit from Universal Yarns….and while I love the choice of fiber I am already making changes to this pattern. The pattern calls for changing colors every 2 rows, but I am not liking the fussiness of the yarn joins for every two rows…I am changing the color changes to every four rows…much like the AbFab Kit. The first 3 inches has color change happening every two rows…but I am not inclined to take this out so it is now a design feature to be repeated at the end of the afghan.

Knitting moral….be inspired by a pattern but not “married” to it!

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