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Maurie and the Rose Heart Afghan

Maurie is one of several Skein Lane knitters who have knit a heart design afghan inspired by the Fiber Trend Pattern CH-24. She started with a rose colored Cotton Fleece that she recently finished. She has now embarked on a blue heart afghan inspired by the Fiber Trend Pattern (CH-24)…she decided to do a garter stitch blanket embellished on the edges with hearts. She just cracked us up this morning with her description of her two-year journey to knit the rose-colored afghan…..”with the first blanket I marched through the knitting wilderness as I mastered that pattern.”

The Rose Heart Afghan

The pattern is simply one that requires a little time to get “married” to rhythm of it….Maure was going through lots of changes when she started this blanket…and kudos to her for sticking with mastering the pattern. The blanket is beautiful and I’m delighted that she is inspired to do a modified version. Go Maurie!

Heart Afghan inspired by "Rose Heart" Afghan

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