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There are two stories here about Jan…..the first about the shawl…and the second about her recent weekend away with her husband of 40 years.

The Shawl

The Shawl – Jan and I worked for Skein Lane Studio in the MaggiKnits booth at Stitches West 2009. While we loved what we were selling in the MaggiKnits booth, we were both taken with a shawl that we saw featured across the aisle in a fellow retailer’s booth. On that Saturday I “marched” right over, said that I wanted it, asked that  it be put aside and stated I would pick it up Sunday. Note….Jan and I often have similiar tastes in style and color. She “marched” right over on Saturday and purchased the shawl kit. Imagine my surprise when I went over on Sunday and was told that I had already picked it up!! Little did Jan and I know that only one kit of that color choice was available when we went shopping. She went home with the “Wrap Me Up” by Knitting At Noon kit and mine went on special order. Now it took a while for mine to come, but that was okay as I have been on this knitting marathon for gift afghans… weddings, thank-yous, babies, and graduations. I now am almost ready to start. Jan was the trailblazer on this…I get to follow in her wake! Be sure to zoom in on the photo of Jan’s shawl to see the yarn color (Paintbox from K1C2) and the stitch detail.

Recent weekend away – Some photos of Jan and Steve’s 40th anniversary…a weekend away to Carmel. Jan is such a good and funny writer that I felt compelled to copy her words verbatim. Love and congratulations to Jan and Steve. Enjoy!

Steve and Jan - 40 years!

the photos….the first is our 40th anniversary “portrait” on the Big Day (yesterday – Sunday the 22nd) and the second a favorite photo from Point Lobos where we went on Saturday.  Our fellow guests at the inn were all agog at the forty years.  We smiled and replied that inertia is a powerful force not to be underestimated.  One must be really, really, really miserable to go through a divorce.  That, or delusional about one’s sex appeal to the hot bodies out there who are young enough to be one’s children…

As only Jan could deliver!!

Pt Lobos on the rocks!

The beauty of it all!Pt Lobos

Pt Lobos

detail of rocks, cove walls at Pt Lobos

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