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During this past month of December we saw some beautiful garments at the Friday Knitting Workshop Group.  Janie was wearing her “Jeweled Mini-Poncho“….Bonnie was wearing the “Daybreak scarf/stole“…Kimberly donned a couple hats (hats will be posted on their own). We’ve seen Sarah in her “Santa Hat“.   Sheri showed her recently finished fingerless gloves “Pluviose“…I have been inspired to knit these for my sister Betty. She’s seen the pattern and knows they are coming. Finished one today. I might be able to deliver by Thursday when I meet up with her.

Connie finished and showed two lovely baby sweaters inspired by the Surprise Sweater pattern that comes to us from Elizabeth Zimmerman. Just today Kimberly posted that she is embarking on this garter pattern…what’s unusual about this is that she does not love the garter pattern…ironically, I too, am embarking on that same pattern. Bill’s granddaughter is having her first born at the end of the month…so I better get “cracking” with getting this sweater done. Oh….knit, garter, knit, garter…I will be done!!

Jan has been seen wearing her Summer Flies Shawl.  That too will be a separate posting….several other folks have knit this beautiful shawl including myself and I forgot to post…what the heck?! This lovely shawl was brought to our attention by none other than Kimberly.

So…let’s enjoy…there is so much to share!

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. We are designers and knit handmade items…as they say…we rock!

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