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At Saturday Morning Knitting Workshop today Janie asked me how I changed the ruffle on my version of the ever-popular Summer Flies Shawl….I went to the Skein Lane blog only to remind myself once again that I still had not posted photos. Here goes!

Several of us in the local knitting communities embarked on this shawl…early in 2011 Kimberly saw someone wearing it and she “jumped’ right on the pattern and offered classes in the making of this shawl.  I jumped on it as the shawl to knit my nephew’s girlfriend Carly….I had one in mind that I started last Christmas… it just didn’t seem like the right one for her. I was determined to knit one quickly…which turned out not to be quickly because I kept side-tracking on other knitting projects. However, I was determined to get done before the next Christmas… I did…how’s August for a delivery date? I knit my version – Carly’s version – with MaggiKnits linen, a ribbon yarn, and Crystal Palace’s Waikiki.

I had been “warned” about one of the stitch patterns being fiddly. ( K3, YO, K4, (K1, YO, SL1, K2TOG, PSSO, YO, K3) 15 times, K2, YO, K3). I love “plain old” Susan Bates circulars but they weren’t working for this project with the 3 plies of MaggiKnits linen. Kimberly suggested that I consider a needle…name starts with a C…and darn if I kept the label or can remember the name….maybe Kimberly can help us out here. Anyway, what a difference…a sharp point and my knitting once again became a pleasure.

Tomorrow I will post the other renditions of this great shawl…dreaming about one for me!

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