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Crunching the Numbers

This link is a lot of fun….and inspiring particularly since I “fell” off the blogging perch last year.  I am now back as you have been witnessing. So….check this out. One of our knitting circle is front page of this page.  Thanks to WordPress for providing the tools to enhance what we blog. Keep on knitting! You are all such an inspiration!


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Mary and her Tomten Jacket

Mary is happy…happy! It was a happy evening recently at knitting workshop…she completed the knitting journey of the Tomten Jacket, a Elizabeth  Zimmerman design.

She knit this garter-stitch design in Brown Sheep Lambspride Superwash. She began this sweater for her granddaughter…..time slipped away…and now her neighbors have been gifted with this lovely sweater for their newly adopted child. As you can see Mary was overjoyed  to complete this project….she stuck with it and you can see the results.

The Tomten Jacket

The detailing that makes this Tomten unique is that Mary rolled the edging back and tacked it all around. She also created an I-cord loop for the toggle button.

Yeah Mary!

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