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Handy Notions

Snap Rings and O rings

We stitchers are so often in need of stitch markers ….they can be found most often in knitting shops. However,  knitter and long-time friend Kevin was recently at the local hardware store on a plumbing  mission …he stopped short when he saw o-rings and snap rings….how about knitting markers?!

What a great idea and the price is right. I think I’ll be shopping for these “new” stitch markers while looking for tack nails to fix the weather stripping that the boy cats have decided to pull back from the floor by the back door. What were they thinking? Early spring maybe.

Anyway, I am  adding a page to this blog…all about resources… this post is the first addition. Stay tuned as I link resources from the Skein Lane website and from other sites. There is so much out there to share to enhance our skills.

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