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Margot and Twirly Skirt

Sometimes it’s a blessing to be delayed…..the post about the gifts that Margot knit for her two granddaughters (age 18 and 1) has been in my blogging line-up for several weeks now. I mentioned to Margot at today’s Saturday knitting workshop that I was finally posting about her knitting gifts to her granddaughters …and I needed a little more info.

Here’s the blessing! Margot received a Christmas card from her family with a photo of the two girls (sisters)…one in her “Jasmine” Rowan Sweater and the other in her Twirly Skirt.

The Christmas Card Photo - Margot's granddaughters

The details…..the Jasmine Sweater, designed by Lisa Richardson, was featured in Rowan’s Magazine #39 (Spring 2006) …now out of print. I pulled out my copy and took another journey through the wonderful designs…I became wistful…do I have time to add more projects to my knitting lineup? No…but I probably will. Margot used a different yarn than the design specified. Her choice was Frog Tree’s Cotton/Silk mix – 85% pima cotton and 15% silk. It was a wonderful choice.

The “Twirly Skirt” was knit for her 1-yr old granddaughter…..Margot used Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece (an all-time favorite of mine)…..she enhanced the design with the addition of eyelets with ribbon.

Did I mention (?) that Margot is a very proud grandmother ( a very dear friend…another blessing…we met because we knit)! Be sure to view the slide show that follows.

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The other day Bill and I were lazing around…it was a holiday and we watched some afternoon TV …he noticed that Knitting Daily was on . We watched it….and as it ended the tag line was “Make time for yarn every day!”.

He said, “No worries here. She’s on it!” Where upon I fell out laughing and picked up my yarn!

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