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For this sweater from Knit One Below Jean used the recommended yarn, Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Worsted. It was a fun project….I think she started this project right after Stitches West 2009. I know she enjoyed knitting it!

Ccming next: The Tattersall Scarf…..and then the piglets!

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Jean not only brought her garments back for a better photo shoot, but she came with two more garments, one of which she was wearing, and the other a work in process. The sweater that she was wearing was a design from Just One More Row and she enhanced the design in the shoulder area with a novelty yarn. Remember I said that she is one knitter who wears what she knits! On her needles are the makings of a new scarf…and she is using a pattern, Seafoam, from Vogue’s Stitchionary. She inspired a couple of us, Sheri and myself, to rethink scarves that we were thinking about doing…Sheri began (again) today. She had been working on a scarf pattern that she decided to toss. Here’s Jean again!

Oh, Lucy came to visit the knit group last night and today….and I captured photos of today. You can check out the knitters and Lucy at “the animal farm blog” published as Stan and Ollie….and Lucy. Enjoy the knitting and the animal babies.  (More photos coming in the morning!)

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This will be a quick post to say that once again Jean has produced not just one but two wonderful garments from Knit One Below by Elise Duvekot.  (This is the same book that I mentioned in the post about Margaret.) I am eager to recognize this work….knowing full well that I will be updating the photos….as the detail of the work does not show in these photos.  The scarf is the Tattersall Scarf on page 118 and the sweater is the Non-Repeating Sweater on page 50. Over the years we have all seen Jean not only knit beautiful designs…but she wears them too! Her choices are perfect for her and for her giftees. Yeah Jean……a great knitter and friend. I believe she knits every day….and certainly most Fridays along with lots of laughter and story telling.

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Sometimes I will pull something from the past to share…because the work is wonderful and completed before this blog began…and because the knitter may have something on the needles not quite ready to share.  Last year there were some beautiful baby gifts… these were knit by Friday workshop knitters – Cameron, Jan, and Merle. (Be sure to click the photo for an enlarged view…the details on all are lovely!)

Coming next – some recently completed work from Friday workshop.  Tuesday group is next!

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day – a day that recognizes and honors our veterans. Bill and I have just returned from the 88th annual Memorial Day Commeration at the historical cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland.  As always, this service brings tears! In memory of our veterans, thank you!

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I succumbed to the lure of a 9-wk old puppy. She arrived home here, freshly bathed, just minutes before our Saturday morning workshop started. She began her life on a sheep farm and will now become a city girl. The first 24 hours have gone quite well… you can read about it here at the Stan and Ollie….and Lucy blog!

Lucy - first day home

Lucy - first day home

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So many things to share and some recent happenings make me want to skip ahead to the Saturday group for this post. Natasha and her husband John are expecting their first baby in July. She is busily preparing for this happy event which, of course, includes knitting. When she announced her pregnancy in January by showing a baby blanket, we were so excited for her. This child-in-the-making immediately had numerous “aunts and grandmothers”. Natasha bought the yarn, Araucania’s Nature Cotton,  (when Skein Lane retail closed) in hopes of knitting for a baby – her baby. Finally she just began…and then she was delighted to share that she is “with child”.  She is also knitting an Annie Scarf Stole for use during her pregnancy and for her nursing days ahead. She has just completed a baby boy sweater –  yes, it’s a boy!

Later I will post about Natasha’s mother, Jen. She has such an interesting family history that she has researched and ultimately written a book about her travels. Stay tuned for more on this topic.

By the way, Natasha is another prolific knitter..and you will see more of her works here.

….Araucania’s Nature Cotton available through Skein Lane Studio

Coming next: more knitting workshop adventures!

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The Travelers

Those of us in the Friday knitting group have our own personal travel guides, Kimberly and Jan. Kimberly is a journalist by trade as well as a prolific knitter. She is traveling with her husband, Terry, in Italy and she has much to share…which she is doing by sending photos as well as posting to her blogs.

Jan and her husband, Steve, are on a cruise which started in Washington, D.C. and arriving in Venice for the start of their European travels. We’ve heard before they departed from DC….but are eagerly awaiting more travel news.

Both Kimberly and Jan have both discovered yarn shops during their travels.

…Coming next: more Friday morning news…and then Tuesday…and then Saturday.

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We heard the clicking….not of the needles but that of the crutch helping Karen come up the stairs – five of them….and then a step-down into the studio. She was greeted with a round of cheers, hugs, and kisses!

She had been absent for several weeks….she was doing the most ordinary of things…her office couch had just been cleaned…the cushions were on the floor…she turned around and the next thing she knew she was twisting her leg as she tried to prevent her fall. Yep, she tripped over the cushion. The words of wisdom here are – Be Careful! Most accidents happen in the home or home offices.

Back to Karen….she broke her tibula and was house-bound as her leg mended. She did some knitting….and the knitting group came to her a couple of weeks ago. Like many of us who have unexpected immobility problems, Karen was challenged to manage her work, her household, and her knitting. But she’s back and in full form. She was wearing one of her many knits…now she is working on a MaggiKnits stole. There will be more to say about about that as her stole “builds’….she has six or seven squares done now.

Coming next: More Friday knitting workshop tales!

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Quick update to the truck sweater post – posted earlier this week: the”Playful Sweater” pattern has three choices for design – trucks, cars and sailboats. I updated the previous post to include those possibilities….and, by the way, Merle’s sweater is growing.

Merles car sweater is growing!

Merle's car sweater is growing!

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