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OMG….I don’t know any other way to start! Each of the Skein Lane knitting workshop groups are wonderful and unique…. each have their own distinct personality. Today’s OMG came from me…caused by one of the Friday workshop knitters. Where do I begin? Well, the first is that 3 or 4 of that group have taken on physical health in a major way. They go to Ice Chamber here in El Cerrito…and three of them are featured on Ice Chamber’s blog today. And why? Because they are looking great! I’m secretly, and now not so secretly, quite envious.  What an inspiration to all of us. And the OMG with my loud laugh erupted with Jean’s email…”Looking GOOD!!  And….they knit too!”  And from Merle, “you gals ROCK!”

Some of the Friday Group!

Some of the Friday Group!

Coming next: more Friday group stuff

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Yesterday, May 13, Cal had a staff appreciation day – Summerfest. As some of you know I joined the Cal staff at University Village in Albany for my “day job”…and have continued with my love of the craft of knitting with teaching and events through Skein Lane Studio. Part of the Summerfest was “Life After Five”…a showcase for crafter’s. And it was suggested that I go….I did…and spent a lovely afternoon meeting knitters and meeting Matthew, an artisian and my table partner for the afternoon. And now let’s knit on!

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Sarah is in our Friday morning knitting workshop…and she knits, she spins, she knits. She has made this wonderful truck sweater (pattern from Green Mountain Spinnery) a couple of times (lucky children in her circle)…..and now she has inspired Merle who is knitting cars rather trucks. You will be seeing more knitted garments from both of them in the days ahead.

p.s. you can also see more written about Sarah and the “truck” sweater at Kimberly’s Craftini

Coming next: Friday Morning Knitting Workshop Tales

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I sent Eleanor an e-mail asking if she got the scarves finished for Mother’s Day…and here’s what she had to say.

Eleanor - working towards her deadline!

Eleanor - working towards her deadline!

“Thanks very much, Carolyn.  Missed Saturday knits.  Yes, I got five scarves done–all recipients really liked them–was a lot of fun.  The ‘yarn’ (really a ribbon called Isis) was from Skein Lane, the pattern from Lorna Miser’s new book Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting. I love Lorna and her new book; and that she knit with us once at the old Skein Lane. Also enjoyed the classes that she taught at Skein Lane Studio.  I started out not liking knitting with Isis at all, but once I got the hang of it, quit fretting and quit trying to untwist it (which only made it worse), I truly enjoyed it. I took the yarn to a lab at work to examine it under a dissecting scope. It is incredibly beautiful–a combination of Mako cotton (22%) and nylon (78%) by Filati FF (KFI). The yarn is made in Italy. Mako cotton is a very fine cotton thread spun from extra long staple Egyptian fiber. Not sure who enjoyed it more–me, the knitter or my cousins, nieces and sis–the recipients of the scarves.”

….Isis is available through Skein Lane Studio.

Coming next:  Sarah’s Truck Sweater…click in for a great sweater.

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Susanne's "Annie Scarf" Stole

Susanne's "Annie Scarf" Stole

An almost midnight post!

Susanne  arrived at Tuesday knitting…yarn and projects in hand…saying,  “I brought my stole for blog viewing.” (…or something like that). She has been buried deep in a work project…and coming out tonight for knitting was big!

Now doesn’t she look wonderful in her rendition of this stole …….quickly becoming a timeless…… the Annie Scarf Stole? Susanne knit her version with Cascade’s Bulky Venezia…and notice in the photo that she edged each end with a different yarn. She then offset that with the alternative yarn blended in the fringe.

She loved knitting this project!

….oh, it’s nearing late night hours and time to post this.

…..Cascade’s Venezia is available through Skein Lane Studio

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Terry is another prolific knitter – always has several projects on the needles. This week she showed some of the projects – and here is one of them that is very near completion. It’s the Botanica Medallion cardigan featured in the Summer ’09 issue of Vogue Knitting magazine. Terry is knitting her version in Laurel from Schaefer Yarns. She is  going to add sleeves to her version…and she says that is a wonderfully easy and fun knit!

Terry also showed her completed Annie’s Scarf Stole.…this has been a very popular stole in our knitting circles. Her version is knit with Cascade 220.

…..Laurel and Cascade available through Skein Lane Studio

Coming next: It’s Thursday and Eleanor has 4 scarves to have ready by Mother’s Day. Did she make her deadline?

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Debbie’s presentation was followed by Margaret’s latest works. She has been inspired by the book One Stitch Below by Elise Duvekot – knitting lap blankets. s She then showed us her Modular Garter-Stitch Vest which she knit in Noro’s Kureyon. The pattern came from Top-Down Sweaters by Doreen L. Marquart. As always, Margaret did a wonderful job and it’s a stunning modular work of art.

…..Kureyon available through Skein Lane Studio

Coming next: Terry’s Botanica Medallion Cardian

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Oh where to begin! Everyone was showing so much of their creativity. Debbie brought tons to show – her Tunisian Crochet blankets (2 of them) and her hand-dyed yarns. She was inspired by a Tunisian Crochet class offered by Diva Studios at Stitches West 1+ years ago.

Her second inspiration was her hand-dyed yarns (some of which she spun). For dyes she used tumeric, tea, and ivy green berries (which produced lavendar yarn).

Coming next: Margaret and her “show and tell”. It’s so exciting!

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And now for those stoles on the needles…………..

The Washcloth gone Stole – In my enthusiasm to promote MaggiKnits yarns ….like she needs any help…but I did want to show her yarn in a more conservative view….I was inspired by the washcloth that Kimberly had just knit from the Fiber Trends pattern by Evelyn Clark, 215x, Bathing Beauties. So another stole was cast on. It is a very easy pattern with great results. My goal is to have it finished by June….OMG, I just realized it’s almost the middle of May. I must click those needles. Then I will move onto my last stole, which is already in progress.

…….Yarn and pattern available through Skein Lane Studio.

Point Edge Wrap – As I was sorting through my UFO’s recently I came upon this one that I started when I had the shop. In my excitement to show something else, this stole got put aside…and darn if I didn’t forget about it. Well, I do want to finish it….once again, simple lines with great results. The pattern, Point Edge Wrap, comes from Debbie Bliss’s book Cathay. The yarn that I am using is black Cathay – a blend of 50% cotton, 35% viscose microfibre, 15% silk.

……Black is no longer available but other colors and the book are available through Skein Lane Studio.

Coming next: Thursday night knitting workshop creativity at an all-time high!

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The Rebozo StoleThis is a wonderful design from Cheryl Oberle featured in Folk Shawls. I helped Sandy pick out this yarn, Silky Wool and Silky Wool Tweed, for a stole for one of her relatives. And then Sandy’s health condition got worse…she wasn’t able to recover and she left us in March 2006. I inherited this part of her yarn stash….I loved the project itself and had such fun helping her to pick out the yarns. And then I had the fun of knitting  it ….a special memory of Sandy.

…..Silky Wool is available through Skein Lane Studio; Silky Wool Tweed has been discontinued.

Diane also knit the Rebozo.  She used Shetland Wool. After wearing it a couple of times, she discovered that the yarn had broken on her cast-on row. She didn’t remember what method she used, but it was taut….and it continued to break and break along the cast-on row.  Finally, we cut that black edge off…..oh, yes, it was black! We picked up the stitches and then bound them off. Another success story…with a few choice words along the way. But the end result was that we were both very happy for Diane.

….reminder to double click photos for up and personal look!

Coming next: The Saga of the Stoles – Part 5  (We’re almost there!)

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